Writing Pipeline Update, Q1 2022

Quick update to what's been happening on the writing front. And yes, things are happening! Here's what's in the pipeline (or recently left it): "Sombra". My time travel adventure story is currently available from CossMass Infinities magazine. "Crimson Heart". Short story written by myself and Vince Stadon for The Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes Volume... Continue Reading →

Godsblade 1.1.2 Release

A new update is available for our loot / text adventure game, Godsblade! Version 1.1.2 focuses on some QoL updates and adding value to the higher difficulty levels introduced in the 1.1 update. Patch notes are below: Weapon levels from mob drops will now scale in higher difficulties:Normal: Level 1Hard: Level 10Bloodthirsty: Level 35Inferno: Level... Continue Reading →

Nook Color 1.4.1 Update

I own a Nook Color, and I love it. Previously I owned the first black and white Nook (WiFi-only model) . ┬áHaving already been a fan of eBooks for 10 years (since the days of Peanut Press and reading their eBooks on my old Palm PDAs), it was great to see companies such as Amazon... Continue Reading →

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