Kindle Scribe Update Brings Lasso tool, Cut / Copy / Paste and More

There may be dozens of us who enjoy the Kindle Scribe over the more popular ReMarkable 2, and Amazon has delivered on a new update that provides some long-awaited features. Among the biggest is the new Lasso select too, which allows you to cut / copy / paste and resize notes between notebooks and pages. You can also now convert handwritten notes to text by sharing via email.

In my experience so far, the new Lasso tool works very well but you need to get in some habits to make the experience as smooth as possible.

  • Select the Lasso tool from the floating toolbar (where you select your pencil, etc.)
  • Draw around the area you wish to select.
  • Tap on the Cut or Copy button.
  • Tap on the toolbar again and select the Hand tool.
  • Now navigate to the notebook or page you want to paste into.
  • Select the toolbar and select the Clipboard icon.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to paste in the notes. You can move it around until it’s placed exactly where you want it.

I had limited testing with the “convert notes to text” feature, but from what I saw it did a decent job considering my handwriting is so mediocre.

You can either wait for the Scribe update to push down to your device or you can download it from here and perform the following steps:

  • Download the update BIN file.
  • Connect your Scribe to your PC.
  • Open File Explorer and drag-and-drop the BIN file into the root of the drive your Scribe is connected as (D: for example).
  • Restart your Kindle Scribe.
  • It will now update. Give it several minutes.


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