Now Available: New Emotionless ATMs EP, “Memoirs From Gehenna”

The new EP from my electronic music side project Emotionless ATMs, is now available. Memoirs From Gehenna features 4 tracks and includes a short spoken word piece on the final track, “Sometimes They Don’t Come Back” by yours truly.

You can give it a listen on Soundcloud.

Here are the liner notes:

MEMOIRS FROM GEHENNA was produced in Garageband on a MacBook Pro.

Cover from “The Last Judgment” triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, 15th century.

Dialogue for “The Second Coming” from the TV show “Millennium” episode “Pilot”. Copyright 1996 20th Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.

Spoken word on “Sometimes They Don’t Come Back” by Julio Angel Ortiz.

Dialogue from “Trinity Blues” from Robert Oppenheimer.

As always, MEMOIRS FROM GEHENNA is dedicated to my wife Karen and children Julian and Madeleine.

Always a shoutout to Jon Myers and Bill Merlock for their unwavering support.

Check us out at and


  1. The Second Coming
  2. Move Me Closer
  3. Trinity Blues
  4. Sometimes They Don’t Come Back

Words – “Sometimes They Don’t Come Back” by Julio Angel Ortiz

There’s a memory
of you that clings to my heart,
a thrum of lost joy.

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