Writing Pipeline Update, Q1 2022

Quick update to what’s been happening on the writing front. And yes, things are happening! Here’s what’s in the pipeline (or recently left it):

  • “Sombra”. My time travel adventure story is currently available from CossMass Infinities magazine.
  • “Crimson Heart”. Short story written by myself and Vince Stadon for The Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes Volume II. Currently available on Amazon in physical and eBook editions! This story features Black Gorgiano from the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Red Circle”.
  • Faction Paradox story for an upcoming Worlds of Faction Paradox anthology, written by myself and Vince Stadon. Already written and turned in, and looks like this will be released later this year. More details forthcoming!
  • Unannounced short story, written by myself and Vince Stadon. This one is
    for an anthology of a spin-off of a well-known franchise, but since it
    hasn’t been announced yet, holding off on any further details. As a
    teaser, the title currently has the word “Archipelago” in it. Cue dramatic music.
  • My free online serial, Obscura Rhapsody, is still on hold after having finished Book 2. Book 3 is still planned (and will wrap up the first novel-length volume), and I hope to have something more on this later this Spring. This one is a little tricky, as I’m not sure what the readership is like (I mean, people are downloading it) but I haven’t heard anything from anyone about it. So shrug.
  • SIGNAL BOOST! My partner-in-crime and absolute madman, Vince Stadon, has not one but two books out!

And that’s all for now. BOOM.


    • Thank you very much, I appreciate it! Sometimes you just need a change of pace or switch things up. In my case, working through Major Depressive Disorder and partnering with an amazing co-writer has given me such a boost. Keep at it, work at a pace that supports your mental health and never give up!


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