Group Policy SearchOCR.admx – It’s a Trap

Recently ran into an odd issue involving Group Policy. When working with a client in preparation for a platform upgrade, I uploaded the latest Windows 10 Group Policy ADMX files to their DC. However, afterward I noticed that when I clicked on Administrative Templates in the GPO editor, I would get this pop-up: Resource '$(string.Win7Only)'... Continue Reading →

iManage / FileSite EMM Toolbar issue

iManage is a great document management system, but sometimes you run into weird issues that will drive you nuts trying to fix them. Recently, one such issue starting cropping up for some clients. In particular, if you use the Email Mangement (EMM) Toolbar / functionality for iManage / FileSite, you may run into an issue... Continue Reading →

Kindle Fire HD 8 (2016) Impressions

I'm a fan of Amazon's services. From eBooks to Prime to their video service, I've chosen to pretty much go all-in with Amazon on a majority of my digital needs. Why? Cross-platform availability. I can watch my Amazon videos on a Roku, Fire TV, iPhone / iPad, Kindle or Android device (the latter app, admittedly,... Continue Reading →

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