Skype keeps crashing on your Chromebook? Try this.

If you’re using a Chromebook that has official Google Play Store / Android app support (a list of devices can be found here), one of the apps you may have been eager to use is Skype. Skype runs pretty well on my Acer Chromebook 14, but can get a little flaky if I switch between windowed and full screen mode.

I found this out the hard way when I was using my Chromebook + Skype for a podcast appearance, and right before I went live I made the mistake of switching away from full screen. Whoops.

Skype not only crashed, but when I re-launched it, every time I tried to connect to a video or audio call, it would crash. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix the issue. Uninstalling, power cycling my Chromebook and then reinstalling also did not help.

Turns out the fix is typical Android. You will need Skype installed already. Here’s what worked for me:

  • In Chrome OS, go into Settings
  • Click on Google Play Store
  • Then (oddly enough) click on Google Play Store again
  • Click on Manage Android Preferences
  • Click on Apps
  • Click on Skype on the list, then click Storage
  • Click Clear Data
  • Click OK
  • Relaunch Skype and re-authenticate
  • You should now be able to connect using video and audio calls again



  1. I have a chromebook and every time it updates Skype keeps shutting down! Frustating theres no option to manually update chromebook!


    • What kind of Chromebook do you have? I don’t recall a method to have Android apps auto-start on launch, but in ChromeOS, in a tab you could go to Settings > About ChromeOS and there should be a button to manually check for updates (often, it will just start checking).


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