The Wearables Tipping Point

A few months ago, I had purchased a Fitbit, which is all the rage in terms of fitness trackers. I wanted something to track steps and easily sync to my smartphone in an ongoing effort to improve my health. Being budget conscious, I didn't want to spend very much, and the Fitbit cost $99. For... Continue Reading →

Instagram Love

A couple of months ago, social photography beast Instagram finally came to Android - and it was even better than what I had expected after months of anticipation. I'm pretty addicted to it now, mostly because it has really gotten me back into hobbyist photography, and made my smartphone all the more useful in my... Continue Reading →

Sidekick 4G Conversion

Well, I am now an Android user. I made the leap as a long-suffering BlackBerry addict recently for a few reasons. First and foremost was a desire to reduce expenses. When comparing T-Mobile's plans and rates, we found that we would save $50 to $60 a month on our cell phone bill, and actually get... Continue Reading →

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