Fringe Rewatch 1×01 – “Pilot”

Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”Original Airdate: 9 September 2008 Written by J.J. Abrahms, Alex Kurtzman, and Robert OrciDirected by Alex Graves Patterns of Interference: Flight 627 from Hamburg flies through turbulence while a sick and distressed passenger, Morgan, injects himself with an insulin pen. He gets up during a rough bout of turbulence, only to... Continue Reading →

Fringe Rewatch Redux

(Note: This Rewatch was originally started in 2018, but due to various reasons fell off . I am looking to bring this back.) The Rewatch will take an in-depth look at the decade-old science fiction series. The first 7 episodes were done by John S. Drew and myself. Going forward, I will handle the Rewatch... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who 12×6 Review: “Praxeus”

"Praxeus" is another topical entry in the Who universe, somewhat along the lines of the earlier "Orphan 55". But whereas "Orphan 55" kept the moral of the story wrapped up in a late episode twist, "Praxeus" wears its message about environmental pollution and the evils of plastic proudly on its lapel. The message is a... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who 12×3 Review: “Orphan 55”

My wife would have been impressed with Graham's mad coupon skills. Couple that with a cheeky joke about deep space squids and mating season, and we just might have a winner. Might. Warning: Spoilers ahead. If "Spyfall" was an imaginative pastiche of James Bond, "Orphan 55" starts off as a comedy-thriller reminiscent of the work... Continue Reading →

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