Fringe Rewatch Redux

(Note: This Rewatch was originally started in 2018, but due to various reasons fell off . I am looking to bring this back.)

The Rewatch will take an in-depth look at the decade-old science fiction series. The first 7 episodes were done by John S. Drew and myself. Going forward, I will handle the Rewatch solo. I had watched some early episodes but never completed the series, and John was a Fringe virgin. Thus, we thought it would make for a fun experiment to have a go at this series.

Below is an overview of the format for the Rewatch. Depending on the episode, some categories may not appear in a given installment.

Patterns of Interference: A synopsis of the episode, probably in agonizing detail.

Scientific Method: A look at the “fringe” science explored in the episode.

Fringe with Benefits: Romance? Near-kisses? Tawdry hookups? It’ll all be covered here. 

Agent of F.R.I.N.G.E: Focusing on Olivia’s character growth and arc over the course of the show.

Walt’s Faults: A look at any specific quirk(s) or social misfire(s) by our favorite hapless scientist.

Daddy Issues: The (de?)evolution of Walt and Peter’s relationship in the show.

Observatory: Where did the Observer appear in the episode?

Dynamic Appearances: Any notable guest-appearances (or “before they were famous”)

Lunatic Fringe: Trivia for the episode.

Endgame: Closing thoughts on the episode.

Massive Dynamics: A rating of the episode based on a scale of 1 to 10

The Fringe Rewatch begins (again) on December 21st with “Pilot”!

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