Poem: “Once, There Was You and I”

The melody of our love was left in pavement and dust;  the notes lost among abyssal macadam.   Whatever songs I played for you while your hands shadowed mine  in playful caress has  been forfeited to distilled time.  You whispered promises of a life to be spent together,  but from the grave, they are now muted.  I miss you every day,  but I... Continue Reading →

Poem: “Letters from Chicago”

You wrote to me from Chicago, in summer,telling me you were starting over.You told me you were giving the baby up for adoption,that you were too young, and it too precious. You wrote to me of late 20th century dreams,of hope not yet brittle and streets farfrom our muted suburbia(no dreams grew here among the... Continue Reading →

Poem: “The Last”

I gave to you all the beautifultruths and lies I could conjure, keepsakes from a different time,held breathless on the edge of all "maybe's". And there you sat, a spiral throughcreation stranded upon pale pages, a siren born from static and bone. And in this cacophony are facesof the once-loved and always loved, the tapestry... Continue Reading →

Poem: “1981”

A faded dispatch from 1981,secrets hidden in the stillness of the dark. Falling asleep on my father’s chest,The light of the television spreading onto the walls. There, the shadows take hold.My father asleep again, I awaken to images that don’t make sense,A time and a shadow lost inside of a screen. His sonorous breathing shatters... Continue Reading →

Poem: “Xibalba”

I had a dream of the end of all things;in it, the Lord did not come in a symphony of lightningAnd on wings of fire. Instead, I was in a massive amphitheater,And in it fit the glory of all the dead, the ones passed since the Beginning,So wide I could barely see the other end.... Continue Reading →

Poem: “The Downstairs Room”

You sought to mold my young heart into a vessel for your vanity. You opened your home to us,   the Not-Yet-Men, the friends of your daughter,  those of compliant hearts and minds.  You held court and left us with secrets and whispers.  But Bhodi shared the truth of your enticement, the games hidden from your husband,  the family dinners cloaked... Continue Reading →


There was no gentleness to be found in your hands, handsome, hallowed, hewn as if from stone. The years spent toiling beneath the Puerto Rican sun in the shadow of an indifferent father had left them care-free as bone. When I was a child, mother was naive; she uttered your secret words when she first... Continue Reading →

The heart, at night

Your loss was a breaththat could not be put back, an arrow shot into the heart of the sun.  Your presence became an echo fading into the dark corners of night, lost between the heat rising off the pavement. When I awake alone at night, the desperate silence condemns me; "You didn't do enough."  There are no paths in this world that... Continue Reading →

New Poem in the Oak Wheel Weekly Anthology

Indie lit site The Oak Wheel has recently begun publishing a weekly poetry anthology, with contributors being prompted with a specific theme or word as the basis. I submitted for this week's anthology and made the cut. Please check out my poem "Clotho's Compass" along with the other contributors!

The Eternal

This is a poem that I wrote to my wife for our anniversary a couple of years ago. In dreams we are alone, beneath a lavender sky and shattered moon whose remnants form a stairway to a nebula door, beyond which lies the translucent silence of Eternity. Through that door we tumble, falling past choir... Continue Reading →

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