Poem: “The Downstairs Room”

You sought to mold my young heart into a vessel for your vanity. 
You opened your home to us,  

the Not-Yet-Men, the friends of your daughter,  
those of compliant hearts and minds. 

You held court and left us with secrets and whispers. 

But Bhodi shared the truth of your enticement, 
the games hidden from your husband, 

the family dinners cloaked in shame and betrayal. 
(And now I knew why Bhodi  didn’t come around anymore) 

But he wouldn’t be the last. 

All the while I pursued your daughter,  
your hugs and kisses hidden in plain sight,  

I remembered Bhodi’s warnings; 
you were almost my mother’s age 

and you sought a new apprentice. 

I cast spears into my heart and departed, 
the disappointment in your eyes palpable.  

There was no new knowledge to be found here, 
Only the emptiness of a bitter heart, 

a void  threatening to drown me in your self-loathing. 

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