Obscura Rhapsody Guide

Ahead of the return of Obscura Rhapsody, I thought it might be helpful to post a bit of information, a cast list (with models) along with links to the free PDF versions of installments 1 through 5. Premise Obscura Rhapsody is an ongoing serial written by Julio Angel Ortiz. A drama the blends psychological drama with... Continue Reading →

Writing Announcements

Imagine that: I have  few writing announcements to make, both for commissioned and indie works.  I have been tapped to write a new entry in the original sci-fi audio drama series, The Dome. As you may recall, my first ever writing sale was for my Dome episode Collective. My new story is called Exogenesis. The script is... Continue Reading →

Nook Color 1.4.1 Update

I own a Nook Color, and I love it. Previously I owned the first black and white Nook (WiFi-only model) .  Having already been a fan of eBooks for 10 years (since the days of Peanut Press and reading their eBooks on my old Palm PDAs), it was great to see companies such as Amazon... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – Infinity, Ltd: 1963!

I'm excited to announce that my next eBook short story will be "1963!", the follow-up to "Infinity, Ltd.: Unnatural Time", featuring retired Grim Reaper Palequus and his cherub sidekick Peter. This one is coming in November. Above is the almost-final cover artwork by series' artist K. Woo. Here is the blurb: Comic books. They are an... Continue Reading →

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