Writing Announcements

Imagine that: I have  few writing announcements to make, both for commissioned and indie works.

  •  I have been tapped to write a new entry in the original sci-fi audio drama series, The Dome. As you may recall, my first ever writing sale was for my Dome episode Collective. My new story is called Exogenesis. The script is due in November, and further details (blurb, release date) are TBA.
  • I will be releasing a third Infinity, Ltd. eBook, a short story called “The Horrorist”. This will arrive September 16th exclusively on Amazon. The cover will be unveiled in the next few weeks.
  • I am kicking off a new quarterly novella eBook series. Originally I had planned to make this a monthly serial, but changed the format and tweaked the concept a bit over the past few months. Series title and cover will be announced in the coming weeks, but I can reveal that Volume One is called Paths of Exile and will be released on November 11th, 2014 on Amazon.
  • I will be releasing a limited ongoing serial on this blog starting in a few weeks. It is a revival of a piece I had written for now-defunct music blog Inside the Circle. The series is called musicHEADsphere, and the first volume will be in 26 parts. It delves into the history of music, mathematics, and civilization set against the backdrop of the heat death of the universe. Did I mention part of it is written in the  second-person? Because I’m crazy like that.

And there you have it. Onward!


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