Eagles 2011: Eagles 16, Giants 29

Prediction: Eagles win Outcome: Giants win In short: a disaster. At length: This is a team with a lot of problems. They have been apparent since the preseason, but that could easily be glossed over- after all, it's just preseason, and those games don't matter anyway. But sitting here now, with a 1-2 record, the... Continue Reading →

Eagles 2011: Eagles 31, Rams 13

Prediction: Eagles Win Outcome: Eagles Win So here we are at last, the start of the NFL season. After all the hype around the Eagles and the "Dream Team" nonsense, we got to see just how the team would fare under the magnifying glass of gameday. It's hard to not be happy about the victory,... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Heat

It never fails that, sometime around mid-to-late July, I start to really jones for some football (NFL, not the FIFA variety). This year probably more so than in previous ones, given the NFL lockout and money drama that played-out sever since March. With the lockout in effect, this meant no post-season, no free agency, no... Continue Reading →

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