Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Season Predictions

Philadelphia Eagles

In less than a week the Philadelphia Eagles kick off their 2011 season. And just for fun, as I have done the past several years, I like to list their schedule and my predictions for wins / losses.

There has been so much hype with all the free agent signings and the media-enhanced frenzy around the “Dream Team” moniker, but let’s be real: the Eagles aren’t going 16-0 this season. There are a number of question marks on this team, in particular the O-Line and if Michael Vick can stay healthy for a full season. Not to mention a new Defensive Coordinator and heavily revamped Defense.

I think we’ll see Vick injured this year, probably out for 3 or 4 weeks. I think the Defense will actually turn out to be very solid after it gets the opportunity to gel (I think it’ll look much better by the end of the season than it will at the beginning). I don’t see the O-Line doing much better than last year, even with the moves they’ve made.

Biggest shocker this year? Their Red Zone Offense will not be any better than in previous years. Yes, that was meant to be sarcastic.

I would love the Eagles to make it to the Super Bowl. They have the tools but I don’t know if this is the year. More than likely, I think next year will be more successful for them if they maintain the core players and simply get time to coalesce as a unit. Also, it’ll probably take another year to get that O-Line fixed (they focused so much on the Defense this year, as they should have).

Still, it should be an exciting year.


9/11 – Eagles @ the Rams: W

9/18 – Eagles @ the Falcons: L

9/25 – Eagles vs. Giants: W

10/2 – Eagles vs. 49ers: W

10/9 – Eagles @ Bills: W

10/16- Eagles @ Redskins: W

Bye Week

10/30- Eagles vs. Cowboys: W

11/7 – Eagles vs. Bears: L

11/13 – Eagles vs. Cardinals: W

11/20 – Eagles @ Giants: W

11/27 – Eagles vs. Patriots: L

12/1 – Eagles @ Seahawks: W

12/11 – Eagles @ Dolphins: W

12/18 – Eagles vs. Jets: L

12/24 – Eagles @ Cowboys: L

1/1 – Eagles vs. Redskins: W

Season prediction: 11-5 record, and playoff bound.

Thoughts? Agree / disagree? What games do you see as “traps”? Feel free to sound off.

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