Eagles 2011: Eagles 16, Giants 29

Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: Eagles win
Outcome: Giants win

In short: a disaster.

At length: This is a team with a lot of problems. They have been apparent since the preseason, but that could easily be glossed over- after all, it’s just preseason, and those games don’t matter anyway. But sitting here now, with a 1-2 record, the Eagles need to start re-thinking what they’re hoping to accomplish this season. Because a Super Bowl ain’t it.

Both sides of the ball were a non-starter. The Defense gave up 14 points early in the game, both on passes despite how this defense is built.  The Offense responded with… a field goal. Despite (surprise, surprise) red zone issues, it seemed like things were picking up for the Eagles once they scored a touchdown late in the first half, proceeded to take the lead 16-14 in the 3rd quarter.

But that’s where it stalled. Did I mention this was the home opener?

Add to the a few injuries on the Eagles’ side of things, most critically Michael Vick’s broken hand, and now we’re left with serious doubts about the season. It was never a question that Vick would get injured- the Eagles’ coaching staff has shown an astonishingly stubborn approach in addressing the O-Line issues (re: do the minimum). But now that’s he is, twice in as many weeks (and we’re just 3 games into the season), one can’t help but wonder how he can manage to hold up the rest of the way. Add to that Kafka’s 2 interceptions in limited playing time, and the immediate future isn’t looking to bright for the Eagles.

And the Defense? Giving up 29 points (and 64 these past two weeks) is just ridiculous. Castillo is doing a poor job in his rookie season at putting these pieces to work, and while it’s still early, it’s certainly not promising.  This team has too much talent to be floundering this bad, especially against a banged up and struggling Giants team.

Maybe Vince Young can give this team a spark. Then Andy can tell us Vick is his starting quarterback until Vick is healed, and then give Vince Young the starting job because he’s playing “out of his mind”.

At least next week they play the 49ers at home.

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