[Review] Velvet Issue 15

I have a bit of a problem with Velvet issue 15. The issue came out a few weeks ago, and after reading it I was left with a distinct sour impression that bugged me. For weeks. Not in an all-consuming way. Not obsessively. But every now and then, in the quiet times while on my tablet browsing... Continue Reading →

[Review] Preacher, Volume 1

The power of comic books is in the versatility of the format. The cliche stands; comic books have the advantages of prose and visual mediums without the bottleneck of a budget. In the hands of gifted storytellers, comic books can have every bit of depth and emotion resonance as the finest literature, while conveying images that can both... Continue Reading →

[Retro-Review] Albion (2005)

Writing a review of Albion, the six issue mini-series plotted by Alan Moore and being released by Wildstorm Comics, is rather frustrating. I added Albion to my "pull" list at my local comic shop (the wonderful folks at (the now sadly defunct) Humungo Comics) simply on the strength of Alan Moore's name. Once I began to... Continue Reading →

Review: Multiversity #1

Multiversity is DC Comics' latest ambitious event series, written by Grant Morrison. In typical Morrison style, this series is grand in scope. Some threat calling itself the Gentry is threatening to consume the Multiverse, and the greatest heroes from across reality must be gathered to confront this threat. Morrison last gave us the multiversal threat angle... Continue Reading →

The Shadow, Grendel, and Me

Somehow, I missed (or maybe forgot, because getting old sucks) that Dark Horse and Dynamite Comics are releasing a crossover mini-series featuring the Shadow and Grendel (the original Hunter Rose incarnation). Written and drawn by Matt Wagner. Mind. Blown. I've loved both characters for a long time. Both would have a long-lasting influence on me.... Continue Reading →

I Heart comiXology

I've seriously fallen in love with digital comics in general, and specifically, comiXology. Lately, I tend to review comics either here or at pop culture site Shiny Shelf. Being a comic book fan since I was very young (and actively purchasing them off-and-on since), I tend to stick to trade paperbacks these days.  They are easier... Continue Reading →

Animal Man #1

Another week, another comic from DC's new 52 to try out. This time, I'm giving Animal Man a shot. Not that I originally was going to. I've read Animal Man in the past- both during Grant Morrison's character-establishing run and later with Jamie Delano's horror-tinted tenure. I even enjoyed his role in the weekly 52 series from... Continue Reading →

Stormwatch #1

I have to be honest. I freaking loved Stormwatch #1. Stormwatch, by writer Paul Cornell and artist Miguel Sepulveda, relaunches this week as part of DC's "New 52" initiative. Stormwatch has its roots as a series from Wildstorm comics, created by Jim Lee and having a host of writers, most famously Warren Ellis, who revamped it... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Comics Avengers: Blade Vs. the Avengers

I have been catching up on my comic book reading, having recently decided that I was pretty much sticking to the following comics (for graphic novels / collections): Marvel's Ultimate Comics imprint. Indie comics, such as Invincible (my current new favorite) Creator-owned work from DC's Vertigo line (such as DMZ, another recent discovery) For reviews I'll still... Continue Reading →

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