Flashpoint #5

Warning: there are SPOILERS ahead. If you are a comic book fan, then you have heard about how DC Comics is rebooting their entire line and launching 52 new #1 issues in September (I provided my thoughts on this in a previous post). The mini-series Flashpoint¬†is the catalyst for this change, and today the final... Continue Reading →

Review: The Infinite #1

Witness as I write more about a single issue of a comic than I ever have before. Shiny Shelf now has my latest review, which is for the premiere issue of Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's The Infinite. You have been warned.

Thoughts on the DC Relaunch

If you are comic book fan and haven't been somewhere outside of the solar system in the past couple of weeks, then you will have heard that DC Comics is relaunching their entire mainstream line of comics come September. It's basically what Marvel did with their Ultimate Universe line back in 2000, but DC is... Continue Reading →

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