Notes on… “Dyad”

“Dyad” is a that was part of a charity anthology Manchester Unbreakable (and which now seems to be totally unavailable), and was edited by Kimmy Pagnotta. It featured a female superhero, Sovereign, rescuing a girl from the aftermath of an attack. I recently posted the story on this site, encouraging you to donate to your charity of choice if you enjoyed it.

  • Sovereign was my Latina take on the Superman archetype.
  • Originally this story was going to be a comic book short story, but no artist could be found in time. I thus adapted the concept into a prose story.
  • Sovereign has some homages to other characters in the Superman archetype, such as her transformation being triggered by a keyword (in a nod to Captain Marvel / Marvelman / Miracleman).
  • Sovereign is a concept I had developed for a while, working with artist Haley Crosby on designs.
  • Sovereign’s keyword transformation, “Mysterion”, means “secret rite or doctrine”.

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