Notes on… “Dyad”

"Dyad" is a that was part of a charity anthology Manchester Unbreakable (and which now seems to be totally unavailable), and was edited by Kimmy Pagnotta. It featured a female superhero, Sovereign, rescuing a girl from the aftermath of an attack. I recently posted the story on this site, encouraging you to donate to your... Continue Reading →

Short Story: “Dyad”

This story originally appeared in the Manchester Unbreakable charity anthology, which now seems unfortunately out of print. As a result, I am reprinting the story here. If you like the story, I encourage you to contribute to a charity of your choice from this list at "Dyad" edited by Kimmy Pagnotta. Arcadia’s world was... Continue Reading →

[Review] Velvet Issue 15

I have a bit of a problem with Velvet issue 15. The issue came out a few weeks ago, and after reading it I was left with a distinct sour impression that bugged me. For weeks. Not in an all-consuming way. Not obsessively. But every now and then, in the quiet times while on my tablet browsing... Continue Reading →

[Review] The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us, TellTale's (the developers behind Walking Dead and Game of Thrones) game inspired by the comic book series Fables, is a gritty nuanced take on social dystopia. Despite its mid-1980's setting, Wolf feels more than relevant for today. The Wolf Among Us starts off as a mystery, and is able to maintain... Continue Reading →

[Review] Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a surprising film. Not because of the solid script or impressive action sequences. It's not because rarely have we seen a comic book spectacle on this scale (are you taking notes, DC?). No, Age of Ultron is surprising because, for a decent chunk in the middle of the film, the... Continue Reading →

[Retro-Review] Albion (2005)

Writing a review of Albion, the six issue mini-series plotted by Alan Moore and being released by Wildstorm Comics, is rather frustrating. I added Albion to my "pull" list at my local comic shop (the wonderful folks at (the now sadly defunct) Humungo Comics) simply on the strength of Alan Moore's name. Once I began to... Continue Reading →

Throwback Interview: Jamie Delano (2006)

Jamie Delano is a popular British comic book writer, best known for his work on the comic book Hellblazer (on which the movie Constantine was based). Delano has also worked on a multitude of other series, such as Animal Man, Doctor Who, 2020 Visions, and Ghostdancing. Delano was generous enough to take time out of... Continue Reading →

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