Now Available: Emotionless ATMs EP: “BABELgroove”

I’m happy to announce that the new Emotionless ATMs 6-track EP, BABELgroove, is now available on Soundcloud.

From the liner notes:

BABELgroove was produced mostly using Soundtrap ( on a few Chromebooks (notably the Dell Inspiron 14 and  Google Pixelbook) and finished on a MacBook Pro, except for the track “Ghost Cloud” which was produced in GarageBand on an old MacBook.

All tracks produced and mixed by Julio Angel Ortiz, except for “Resurrect.ion” which was produced and mixed by Julio Angel Ortiz and Justin Fava. 

Vocals on “Resurrect.ion” by Justin Fava & words by Julio Angel Ortiz.

Cover design by Julio Angel Ortiz. Cover created using Snapseed and Layout on an iPhone 11 and finalized in Photopea ( 

As always, BABELgroove is dedicated to my wife Karen and kids Julian and Madeleine. 

Shout out to Justin for his enthusiasm and work on “Resurrect.ion” and encouragement. Always ALWAYS a shoutout to Jon Myers and Bill Merlock for their unwavering support. 

Check us out at and


1. Ghost Cloud
2. Go (Not Too) Fast
3. Resurrect.ion (ft. Justin Fava)
4. Sunday Low Tide
5. Hell is Knocking on my Door Again
6. Daydream Station

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