What Have I Been Doing Lately (Redux)

So what’s kept me away for a while? A short laundry list:

  • Started a new job in January 2013 after having been at my last job since 2004. The commute is longer (as it’s in Philadelphia) but it’s been a great opportunity.
  • Had a short story called “God Engine Rhapsody” commissioned and published for Obverse Books’ Iris Wildthyme: Fifteen collection.  So very excited about that.
  • My son started high school. So if I was uncool before, that has been magnified by about 20 times.
  • A fan anthology of essays about Doctor Who, You and Who, was finally published, and it included my contribution “The Third Era”.
  • My brother got married in 2013, and it was an honor to be one of his groomsmen. 

    My brothers and I. Pimps, the lot of them.
  • Unfortunately, two friends passed away around this time, including a very dear friend who was like a sister to me.
  • I picked up photography again. Currently you can see most of my stuff on my Instagram account but I plan on re-working my Flickr account to showcase more of my work (and not be constrained to Instagram’s little squares).
  • Been reading Saga. Which is like the greatest thing ever.
  • Velvet is also pretty damn good.
  • Got into the Persona 3 and video games.  I totally blame my sister-in-law. Also: Monster Hunter.
  • Continuing to work on my weight loss. Thankfully 2013 was a pancreatitis-free year (i.e. no hospital stays) and I have strived to continue managing what I eat better than in the past. I think it’s been working; I’ve received comments about looking thinner, and most recently saw a drop in-between November and January of 10lbs. I’ll take it.

I think that’s everything. Yes, my life is full of excitement and danger. And by “danger” I mean “fairly subdued”.

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