What I Have Been Doing Lately

Try to contain your shock at a new post. It's not as if I've wanted to let things languish for the past four months. But some things have been going on that kept me away, and instead of getting terribly in-depth at the moment, I'll summarize: Real Life Work (TM) has been busy and some projects... Continue Reading →

Farpoint 2012 Schedule

I will again be at the Farpoint sci-fi convention this year, held at the Crown Plaza in Timonium, MD. So far I will be participating on the following panels: Blogging Saturday 2pm, Ridgley 2 Comics - Paper or Web? Saturday 4pm, Ridgely 2 Audio Dramas - I Can Do That? Sunday 2pm, Ridgely 2 I'm grateful to have... Continue Reading →

Too White To Be Hispanic

(This post originally appeared on my old blog, Signaldotnoise.com, a year ago. I had wanted for it to be the start of a series, but never got around to it. It fits more with this blog, anyway. So here I am re-posting, re-titling, and updating it.)  Here's a small factoid that may shock some of... Continue Reading →

Hospital Story

You would think, if I were excited about blogging again and started a new site to promote it, that I would have written a few more posts by now.  The problem is, I got blind-sided by something called pancreatitis... and diabetes. A little over a week and a half ago, I arrived at work. I... Continue Reading →

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