Vox Bomb 9/23/2011 – Godzilla Basketball, Blog Reincarnation, Matrix Comics, and More


Marauding the pop culture hive mind, one week at a time…

  • There’s a search term that keeps popping for my blog:  “Godzilla basketball”. Now, I can be a fairly random person, and I had to double-check via search, but it doesn’t look like I’ve ever used this term in this iteration of my blog.  In fact, I don’t ever recall seeing such a thing on the Interwebs.  However, the memory is a liar and a deceiver, so when I turned to the Holy Grail of Pop Culture- YouTube- I found that, in fact, there had been a Nike ad in the 90’s where Godzilla went one-on-one in a basketball match against none other than Charles Barkley. If only Mothra had swooped in for some NBA Jams-style antics.
  • Can previous versions of a blog find new life, reincarnated as a Tumblr or Facebook page? Does it retain the karma of the old site? I inferred that this is the latest iteration of my blog- in fact, I have had a few before, only to be destroyed and recreated in a Matrix-style cycle. This is in fact the first time I’ve tried to incorporate thematic elements from previous blogs into this one- like the weekly Vox Bomb column (Vox Bomb was the name of my old blog).  I have also updated a few old blog posts to fit into the new one, retroactively inserting it like a time-active enemy.
  • When is comic book publisher IDW going to grab the Matrix license and publish a monthly comic set post-Matrix Revolutions? If there is ever a franchise that needs an Expanded Universe, a la Star Wars or Star Trek, it is The Matrix.  Where has all of my Wire Fu gone?
  • I found a beat-up copy of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time at our favorite local used book store. Had to buy it, because I figured as much as I love science fiction, I need to read something accessible and that has probably helped inform some of the ideas in the field. Right?
  • Cage fighting among 8-year-olds is apparently legal in the UK. Between that and a possibly innocent man being executed in the US just the other day (on, again, apparently flimsy evidence), while Casey Anthony laughs her way to freedom, Humanity can feel free to grab their coats and head to the exits (maybe no later than December 21, 2012). It’s been a mediocre run, but hey, Mother Earth won’t miss us.
And here are the articles I have written for other sites this week:

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