1. Thank you very much! It’s funny you say that, I had to crop out a truck on the right side that was pretty blatantly new, and I was aiming, as you said, for a retro look as much as possible. I’m glad it worked for you. 🙂


  1. Hey there, I saw your comment in my blog. I use Nikon equipment. My lenses are my real asset; they’re the pro ones (some older) that make my photos really look good (those f/2.8 lenses).

    As to post processing; I use Photoshop CS5 in my pro work — architecture–but I’m really not using it much except for raw processing on the photos I’m posting here. Maybe a little bit of this or that, but if I have to fix composition, I usually just toss the photo out. Thus, , I take a lot of raw images. 🙂

    If I didn’t already know and use Photoshop (I am self taught on it) for my paying work, I’d probably go over to Lightroom; it’s a great program. Any specific questions on post processing?


    1. Awesome, thanks again. I have a PowerShot G10 that I use as my main camera. I know, I know, it’s not a D-SLR, but I am working my way to getting one. I’m a Canon guy, personally. 😉

      Ooooh, questions about post-processing. That’s a loaded one. I guess I struggle with that- knowing what’s the right look, but more importantly, not sure how to achieve it. I guess that would be my question for tips- techniques for how to get that look.


  2. Canon is great! So is Nikon. 🙂 I would consider Canon if I hadn’t already had about 10 grand in Nikon lenses/flashes, etc. But I like Nikon anyway.

    Just work yourself up to the DSLR. I love them, and they get better and better!

    I agree on post processing. Hard to know what question to ask until you think, okay, I want thi, how do I do that. 🙂 What I would do is just play with the photo in Photoshop or Lightroom. Can you shoot raw? If so, then i really love the things you can do with processing in CS5 (and you can probably do the same in Lightroom also). I really don’t do much more than that with my photos. It really is powerful and can change so much in the way the photo originally looked.
    Good luck with your photography!


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