Vox Camera

Vox Camera

Welcome to Vox Camera Ltd., my eBook publishing brand.

Vox Camera is the result of a decision I made in late 2010 to branch out with regards to my writing. As the popularity of eBook readers continues to skyrocket, sites such as Smashwords, Amazon,and Barnes and Noble make it easy for indie authors to have an outlet for their work without relying on the particularities of the mainstream publishing industry.  This is leading to an exciting movement of people who want to release their work on their own terms, without being filtered through any checklists a marketing department may have to water down their writing or perhaps take a chance on some more experimental work.

Vox Camera affords me an opportunity to release my stories to a growing market and take an alternate approach in getting published. While I continue to work through traditional print markets, there is something incredibly rewarding about working on my own eBooks. Our approach is to release through Smashwords (which offers eBooks in a variety of formats, including compatibility to sideload to devices with DRM-free EPUB and for the Kindle) as well as automatically distributing to native eBook stores for the Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, and Apple’s iPad / iPhone.  We also release directly to Amazon’s online store.

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Click on the covers to view our information regarding our releases and where you can obtain them:

The Fear cover

Unnatural Time cover




Vox Camera Ltd.

Publisher: Julio Angel Ortiz

Logo by Eve Heshler


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