Review: The Walking Dead Game Season 2

TellTale games brings us back to the video game incarnation of The Walking Dead, this time centering the story squarely on the poor shoulders of Clementine, who (shocking spoilers ahead) survived the events of the last game. TellTale makes the bold move of featuring a child as the protagonist of the series, and in doing so... Continue Reading →

Review: Soul Sacrifice Delta

Soul Sacrifice Delta is the update to the well-received 2013 PlayStation Vita game Soul Sacrifice. Not quite a full sequel, but rather an enhanced version with all the core and DLC content of the original, plus a new faction, tweaks, new features, and loads of additional content piled on. This is essentially the Ultimate version of Soul Sacrifice, and if you loved... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Vita 2000 (Slim) Impressions

I've had the updated PlayStation Vita 2000 (aka Slim) model for a few weeks now. It's pictured above with a red silicone PDP skin, which I purchased for cheap on Amazon. There are obvious touches that are not only different but more useful. The device is not only slimmer, but the construction has been updated. It feels more... Continue Reading →

Sony’s Vita Problem

The history of video games is littered with failures and object lessons in how to not to market a console. For every success such as the Atari 2600 or the original Playstation, there is a failure (Atari 5200, I'm looking at you, despite having owned one). It doesn't matter if the hardware is decent or... Continue Reading →

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