There was no gentleness to be found in your hands, handsome, hallowed, hewn as if from stone. The years spent toiling beneath the Puerto Rican sun in the shadow of an indifferent father had left them care-free as bone. When I was a child, mother was naive; she uttered your secret words when she first... Continue Reading →

Photography: My Brother’s Wedding

This shot was from the day of my younger brother's wedding. We were in the house behind the wedding hall, the groomsman taking pictures and enjoying some snacks. I captured this quiet moment with my brother on a Nokia Lumia 920 and later tweaked it for monochrome.

Photography: Karen

Here is a picture I took of my wife while at a diner a few years ago when I was starting out with photography. I took this on an old Konica Autoreflex TC SLR, obtained the digital copy when I had the film processed, and tweaked that via Paint.Net. Another one of my personal favorites... Continue Reading →

Photography: Julian

This is a photograph I took of my son Julian a couple of years ago while visiting the West Chester University campus. My wife went to college at WCU and we lived in town for a couple of years. We loved our time there; Julian was born then and we like to go back whenever... Continue Reading →

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