Infinity, Ltd.: 1963!

Price: $0.99
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Comic books. They are an old art form that transcends literary and social boundaries. A method of communication hinted at by the walls of cavemen and in cuneiform, the disparate remnants of these ancient arts have coalesced into a dynamic storytelling format today.

But what happens when one artist’s frustration transforms into a vision of “saving” humanity? Aided by a shadowy benefactor, as well as the rest of his newly-formed Youth and Beauty Brigade, Byron Foster, dubbing himself RetroLad, hatches a plan to save humanity and culture… and it lies almost 50 years into the past.

But they must get past Palequus, a retired Grim Reaper, and Peter, a discharged cherub who enjoys drinking and smoking a little too much. The ParaReality investigators must stop the fanatical foursome from disrupting history, even as the true threat lies in the machinations of… Supremo.


The Wannbe Knight’s review of “1963!”

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