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Writing Pipeline Update, Q1 2022

Quick update to what’s been happening on the writing front. And yes, things are happening! Here’s what’s in the pipeline (or recently left it): “Sombra”. My time travel adventure story is currently available from CossMass Infinities magazine. “Crimson Heart”. Short story written by myself and Vince Stadon for The Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes Volume… Continue Reading →

Available Now: “Sombra”

My latest short story, “Sombra”, is now available in issue 7 of Cossmass Infinities magazine! “Law & Order” / CSI meets time travel as a temporal agent investigates a case with deeper ties to his past than he realizes… Purchase in Kindle / MOBI and ePub format from here!

Upcoming Story in Cossmass Infinities Issue 7!

One of the proverbial irons I currently have in the fire is a short story in an upcoming issue of science fiction and fantasy magazine Cossmass Infinities. The January 2022 issue will include my story, “Sombra”, with cover art by Grandfailure. Very excited to see this released! You can pre-order the issue (and / or… Continue Reading →


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