Coming Soon: New Story in “The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes”

Now that the Kickstarter is live, I am happy to reveal that Vince Stadon and I have a new short story arriving this summer in The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes. From the Kickstarter page, here is a little about the collection:

Instead of focusing on the usual mysteries in which Holmes is the primary investigator, this volume puts a spotlight on an oft-overlooked part of his career in detection, putting the emphasis on his role as a consultant.

For the first time ever,  The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes collects sixteen ingenious cases in which he serves as a last resort for other detectives ā€“ both private investigators and those from the official police force ā€“ who come to Holmes for his unique perspective and aid as “the only unofficial consulting detective” in the world.

We are very proud of our story, “The Blooms of Audley House”, and thrilled to have it be part of this collection. More details, including a small author interview, are to come.

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