Now that the Kickstarter is live, I can announced that writing partner-in-crime Vince Stadon and I have a short story in Volume 2 of this upcoming anthology.

Our story “Crimson Heart” features the villain Black Gorgiano from the story “The Adventure of the Red Circle”. The collection is expected to be out in March 2022.

Here’s the cover blurb:

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!  The names of the world’s greatest detective and his stalwart friend conjure up images of Victorian London, gaslit streets, hansom cabs, and dense fogs.

But there was more to the story than these heroes. There were the villains who dared to stand against them, carrying out their vile plans and evil schemes. 

Who were these sinners, malefactors, and criminals? We only know the barest details, as provided to us from Watson’s pen in the very few sixty stories of the original Sherlockian Canon. Now, with this new volume from Belanger Books, we investigate further – into the lives and deeds and motivations of these Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes. 

In these two volumes are twenty four stories examining the best known villains – Professor Moriarty, for instance, and Colonel Moran, and Dr. Grimesby Roylott – and some others who might not be quite as famous, but who were just as vexing to the Detective and Doctor . . . names like Culverton Smith, Baron Maupertuis, and Abe Slaney.

Discover their histories and find out the events behind the stories that you think you know. Settle back for an exceptional Holmes anthology, and a walk along the Dark Side of the Canon . . . .

The game is afoot!

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