Notes on… “Anti-Element”

Whereas Collective was my first writing sale, “Anti-Element” was my first short story fiction sale and the beginning of my association with Obverse Books. It was a dream come true and a major item off of my bucket list. The story was part of the the Señor 105 short story collection, Señor 105 and the Elements of Danger.

  • The look for Bufame, Señor 105’s counterpart from another universe, was based partly on my dad.
  • “Bufame” was an in-joke name my dad and I had for a fictional character when I was a kid. It was the only time I ever tried writing stories in Spanish and was a way for me to try and connect with him.
  • As a huge wrestling fan when I was younger, including Japanese, Puerto Rico and other indie scenes, the wrestling-related names and moves were a lot of fun to write.
  • “Chiquito Invader” was a take on a group of infamous wrestlers, Invader I, II, etc.
  • The “Multiversal Nexus Station AI “, or MNSA for short, was a joke that no one called out or got. I never claimed it was a good one.
  • “Matador de Almas” translates into “Killer of Souls”, which seemed appropriate for an Eldritch Horror.
  • One of Bufame’s anti-element powers is based on the idea of impossible objects.
  • The line about punching out Cthulhu is taken from the trope of the same name. Warning: is addictive af.
  • The final line about “parts unknown” was another wrestling trope reference. Warning: I’m serious, is addictive.

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