Notes on… “Collective”

This is the first in a series of posts I’ve decided to make about stories I have sold or have been produced; mostly notes and trivia on my catalog.

Collective, my entry in the original sci-fi audio drama series The Dome, holds a very special place in my heart. It was the first writing sale I ever made! Bless John S. Drew for taking a chance on my script and taking from pitch to full-on production.

  • The original script can be viewed / downloaded here.
  • The script was finished in June 2006 but due to various factors was not produced and released until 2012.
  • The original title was Collective Behavior, based on the sociological phenomenon of the same name. Series creator John S. Drew wanted to keep all of the story titles as one word, so I shortened it.
  • I wrote the majority of the script over a weekend while I was sick with a bad cold (in summer, no less!).
  • Writer Keith R. A. DeCandido plays the main character Anibal Ramirez in the story
  • My wife, under the name of Karen Holliday, had a part in the earlier Dome audio drama Avatar. Her same character has a line in Collective because why not?
  • The Dome has gone through a few hiatuses over the years. Before the last one, I was slated to write a new entry, the audio drama Exogenesis. Although the story has been fully outlined, it never proceeded to the script stage. Who knows? Maybe someday…

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