[Music] Emotionless ATMs, “Suburban Club America”

I may have made a thing.

I recently discovered Soundation, an online music creation and sharing tool. I started messing around with their impressive Chrome Studio, and got hooked on taking loops and forging music tracks. I found it incredibly relaxing (if maddening) at times.

So after sharing some works-in-progress with friends, and with their continued encouragement, I’ve decided to share the first of 4 tracks on a collection (or what they called back in the day, an “EP”) I’ve put together called Fear of Ghosts under the project name Emotionless ATMs.

The project name comes from an in-joke the wife and I have. I’ll share that story another time.

The first track has been shared on Soundation, called “Suburban Club America“. Please feel free to give it a listen and download.

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