musicHEADsphere 0.1

As I recently discussed, I have a few writing projects that I am releasing this year. One of them is musicHEADsphere, in weekly installments that is part story, part column.

I had begun it a few years ago for music blog Inside the Circle, as an experiment for content on the site. No one ever commented on it, so I’m sure it was probably not quite the right audience. But bless poor Marques, he let me babble away and run with it regardless.

Inside the Circle has since folded (not due to my writing, as has been rumored. Lies and more damned lies!) and I kept the files and notes. Occasionally I would glance at them and think of going back to finishing it.

Well, here we are.

The plan is to release all 26 parts weekly here, and then collect them subsequently as an eBook with additional material. When all is said and done it’ll probably clock in at about 22,000 words. The cover art displayed here is not necessarily the final one, but I like it well enough for now.

musicHEADsphere delves into the history of music, mathematics, and civilization set against the backdrop of the heat death of the universe, with a framing narrative that is told in the second-person.

It begins August 27th.


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