Vox Bomb 1/9/2012 – Cameras, RIM, Lightbox, and Author Interview


This edition of Vox Bomb is late (okay, really late, since it’s been several weeks since I’ve written one, but really people, stop judging me already). Originally on Fridays, I’m pushing it to a Sunday post, something to wrap up the week, braindump whatever insanity is still lingering in-between the neurons, and move ahead. And so, here we are on Monday, because sod all.


Picked up a new camera last week- a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8 (I’m pretty sure that’s the correct name, and I’m too lazy to verify). I love (and still have) my Canon G10, but for everyday, carry-around-with-me-every-moment photography, it’s just too big. The Lumix is nice and svelte; I like its aesthetics; and it has 16x optical zoom. Oh, and a Leica lens.

I’m giving up the RAW shooting of the G10, but to be honest, I still have so far to go in being an amateur photographer, that RAW files were just a pain (especially after rebuilding my PC and not being able to find the original G10 discs). I’m hoping the 16x zoom will be a boon, as well as the 24mm wide angle.

But let’s be honest, I’ll probably be taking pictures of trash or something.


You know what I hate? Marketing BS. Nothing irks me more when companies try to use marketing terminology to zombie you into believing their wares is so much more than what it is.

(And yes, I used “zombie” as a verb… most likely incorrect but work with me here…)

So this little nugget arrives in my inbox, from RIM regarding their upcoming release of BlackBerry OS 7.1. Now bare in mind, their true next-generation OS is supposed to be BB10, coming late this year, and BlackBerry OS 7.1 is an incremental release to software dating back years:

“BlackBerry 7 delivered a next-generation platform for our customers around the world and the range of software updates announced today build upon the strengths of that platform to further enhance the mobile experience and make life easier, from managing daily tasks to planning big adventures,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion.


“Delivered a next-generation platform”? Sure. It was stillborn at OS 6.  The current 7.x platform is a lame duck OS; think of Apple’s MacOS 9.x as OS X was just around the corner.



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I’ve been trying out Lightbox, since Instagr.am is dragging their feet with an Android version of their app. Here are a couple of samples of my social photography experiment.


Shameless plugs links:

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Red Adept Reviews gave my eBook, “Unnatural Time”, 4.5 stars out of 5!

Author interview The Indie View conducted with yours truly

Until next week…

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