Coming in December: The Dome – Collective

The Dome: Collective

Well, well, look at this pleasant surprise. I had heard a couple of weeks ago that this was getting resurrected, but it was so cool to see this picture pop-up in my Facebook stream today. This is the cover (I’m assuming it’s final) for my audio drama, Collective, which is the 3rd full release in the original audio drama series The Dome.

John S. Drew, who has written Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Spider-Man fiction, is the mastermind behind this series. He had started it several years ago, and I was honored when he asked for me to pitch- and then subsequently commission- Collective to be the first release not written by himself. I actually finished this script about 5 years ago, and as Real LifeTM got in the way and John got busy with other things, I wasn’t sure if it would see the light of day. Which is why I was excited to see the Dome Facebook page updated that the series was back on track and Collective was scheduled for December release.

Check out the Facebook page for The Dome, but here’s some info on what the series is about:

The Dome is an audio drama series set on a remote island in the Pacific. In 1975, The United States government determined that one out of every ten million Americans was gifted with a paranormal ability. It immediately set up a commission to look into the growing phenomenon. It was decided that a special, top-secret research facility was needed to study the matter further. Today, in a world where the paranormal is normal, the unexpected happens within the walls of The Dome.

It would be a great way to round out the year.  More details as they become available.


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