Vox Bomb 9/30/2011

This has been a strange week. I dealt with some change at work, I’m two weeks behind on my Doctor Who (hence why no new reviews on the show), and I still haven’t picked up my comics for this week (and considering that I don’t have to go anywhere, but rather just purchase them from as digital issues from comiXology, there’s really no excuse). There’s been a vague sense of ennui that I can’t quite pin down. It’s seeping into the cracks of my life and yet, I feel fine.


The Phillies surpassed their club record of wins for the season, and sailed into the post-season. In the same game Charlie Manuel became the winningest (is that even a proper word?) coach in the club’s history. Good ol’ affable Charlie will now forever be canonized as a saint for the Phillies, having lead them to at least 1 World Series win and a second appearance. I wonder how long before a statue is erected in his honor. Maybe they can make one that talks, providing us with his colloquialisms that we have come to love. On another note, I can’t believe Chrome is telling me I spelled “colloquialisms” correctly on the first try.


Great site for fans of all things Google Chrome (including Chromebooks / ChromeOS): Chrome Story.


MSNBC.com headline: “Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools“. I can’t be the only one who looked at that and thought it was the plot for a young adults paranormal novel.


No articles this week, folks. Try again next week.

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