The Shadow, Grendel, and Me

Somehow, I missed (or maybe forgot, because getting old sucks) that Dark Horse and Dynamite Comics are releasing a crossover mini-series featuring the Shadow and Grendel (the original Hunter Rose incarnation). Written and drawn by Matt Wagner. Mind. Blown. I've loved both characters for a long time. Both would have a long-lasting influence on me.... Continue Reading →

The Shadow: The Anguished Face

Here is the second "Two-Minute Mystery"  featuring the classic pulp hero The Shadow published on the The Shadow In Review website several years back called "The Anguished Face".  Hope you enjoy it. THE ANGUISHED FACE "I guess dinner is going to have to wait?" Lamont Cranston asked, staring out the window into a wall of rain. "I asked you... Continue Reading →

The Shadow: Numbers of Death

The Shadow in Review site, dedicated to the popular pulp fiction character the Shadow, used to publish a series called "Two-Minute Mysteries". You could submit a roughly 500 word story featuring the Shadow and it had to be a mystery that could be read and solved in about- you guessed it- two minutes. It also... Continue Reading →

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