[Review] Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond finds itself in an unenviable position in the hotly-contested Summer blockbuster season. It's not that the movie celebrates the 50th anniversary of the franchise - in of itself a significant milestone that matters very little to anyone outside of ardent fans and pop culture enthusiasts. It's not just the skepticism surrounding the... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Titan: Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen shares thematic links with Orion's Hounds, the third book in the Star Trek: Titan series but the first to truly undertake the ship's primary mission of exploration. In the latter novel we saw a return of the "Star-jellies", the race of jellyfish-like aliens from Star Trek: The Next Generation's premiere episode, "Encounter at Farpoint", Upon reading Orion's... Continue Reading →

Review: Doctor Who 8.4 – “Listen”

Moffat had once said his approach to Doctor Who after taking over would be "dark fairy tales". It was apparent early on with the Eleventh Doctor ("The Beast Below", "The Vampires of Venice") but got drowned out with the ongoing Silence arc. After establishing the Twelfth Doctor and the season's mystery, Moffat takes us back... Continue Reading →

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