Obscura Rhapsody No. 8 Now Available

The latest episode in my free ongoing (semi)-monthly serial Obscura Rhapsody is now available. You can read it below, and you can also download the latest installment as a PDF document here. Catch up on prior installments and read about the series on the Obscura Rhapsody page. ~ “Your husband?” Khloe blurted out, and almost immediately... Continue Reading →

Obscura Rhapsody No. 7 Now Available

Obscura Rhapsody issue 7 is now available! In the latest installment: Khloe finds herself a prisoner of a mysterious woman, while her friends desperately search for answers as to her kidnapping - and whether they're related to the recent string of murders...

Obscura Rhapsody Guide

Ahead of the return of Obscura Rhapsody, I thought it might be helpful to post a bit of information, a cast list (with models) along with links to the free PDF versions of installments 1 through 5. Premise Obscura Rhapsody is an ongoing serial written by Julio Angel Ortiz. A drama the blends psychological drama with... Continue Reading →

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