musicHEADsphere 1.6

A civilization constructed purely from living ideas, the Seven-Day Hegemony had accomplished much in their limited time span. Were they extant in the physical realm, their territory would have spanned a quarter of the universe. Their greatness was owed as much to their form as their origins; being living ideas, they had no need for... Continue Reading →

musicHEADsphere 1.5

Imagine, now, how everywhere there must be one universal constant: mathematics. It is not language, as would be commonly assumed. It cannot be guaranteed that all species (if there were, again for the sake of supposition, life scattered across the cosmos) would communicate in the same manner. While speech is considered the most likely method... Continue Reading →

musicHEADsphere 1.4

The darkness is suffocating. Your mind buzzes with the dread of the limited light and the enormity of what lay behind you- the edge of creation, the wall of night culled from myth beyond which nothing you or I can comprehend exists.   At this proximity to the edge of the universe, one’s sense of self... Continue Reading →

musicHEADsphere 1.3

You are startled as we begin the transition. We are now sliding down- if “sliding down” were even the correct term, but in this case it will be the easiest for you to understand- a Riemann surface, down into a temporal Calabi–Yau Manifold that will allow us to travel where and when we need to.... Continue Reading →

musicHEADsphere 1.2

It is as inevitable as the closed system of nature we reside in. The Neanderthal, with the first musical instrument, whittling away and experimenting with the breaths and timbre of the unusual sounds. Several others stood around him, watching and reacting, fascinated by the unexpected and utterly alien extension to their language; emotions being stirred,... Continue Reading →

musicHEADsphere 1.1

Above you, one by one, the stars are dying out. A darkness is spreading across the cosmos, consuming stars and planets. Your eyes are perceiving them much quicker than normal. Time is breaking down. This was anticipated. You look around. You cannot tell if you are on a moon or some long-dead world. Mountains jut... Continue Reading →

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