The Wearables Tipping Point

A few months ago, I had purchased a Fitbit, which is all the rage in terms of fitness trackers. I wanted something to track steps and easily sync to my smartphone in an ongoing effort to improve my health. Being budget conscious, I didn't want to spend very much, and the Fitbit cost $99. For... Continue Reading →

ChromeOS Recovery Tool Error and Workaround

I love Google, but sometimes their method of dealing with documentation and end-users can be obtuse. ¬†And this is coming from a long-time supporter of their products and ChromeOS. I recently obtained a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook on Craigslist. The seller didn't know how to reset the device to factory default, but after some research... Continue Reading →

Chromebook Tips and Tricks

I've been loving my Google Cr-48 Chromebook. While it hasn't set the world on fire, Samsung and Acer have each released Chromebooks and they appear to be well-reviewed on sites such as, so there is a niche for them. And for most people it would fit their needs for web surfing, social media, and... Continue Reading →

Google CR-48 Chromebook Thoughts

I was one of the fortunate who received a free Google CR-48 "Chromebook" several months ago, after applying to be in Google's pilot program. I still find it fairly amazing that Google would send out thousands of free notebooks (and no doubt, they knew the risks, such as people getting¬†Windows 7 and Mac OS X... Continue Reading →

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