[Photography] Sky Blue

I captured this photo of a Saturn Sky several years ago at the King of Prussia Mall during some car exhibition. It was taken on a Canon PowerShot G10 using the Selective Color tool and subsequently tweaked in Google+ Photos.

[Photography] Biscuit, as a Puppy

We have had our dog Biscuit (a Shih Tzu / Chihuahua mix) for over 5 years now. I captured this picture shortly after we got him, all tiny and curled up in blankets. I used a Canon PowerShot G10 and via post-processing made it monochrome with tweaks.    

Photography: Love Park

Another Philadelphia day trip shot. Taken in Love Park several years ago, with my family in front of the fountain. Taken with my old Canon PowerShot G10 and slightly tweaked after the fact.

Bokeh Tulips

I'm not big into shooting flowers. As far as photography goes, it's just not something I'm terribly into.  But I have tried it and this is my favorite shot in that photographic arena. Taken on my Canon PowerShot G10.

Photography: Cord of Three Strands

Did I mention that I will continue to post my photography here? This was taken at my sister-in-law's wedding a few years back. It was my favorite shot, taken with my Canon PowerShot G10. One of the best compliments I received on my photography? My sister-in-law looked at my photos from the wedding and said... Continue Reading →

Photography: Fishing Blues

Here's a picture I took while on vacation in Florida in 2009. Took it with my Canon PowerShot G10, and processed it in Paint.Net. I was trying to frame the guy between both trees; at the time I was heavily into photo competitions on Flickr and that was one of the categories that would come... Continue Reading →

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