[Photography] Biscuit, as a Puppy

We have had our dog Biscuit (a Shih Tzu / Chihuahua mix) for over 5 years now. I captured this picture shortly after we got him, all tiny and curled up in blankets. I used a Canon PowerShot G10 and via post-processing made it monochrome with tweaks.    

Photography: My Brother’s Wedding

This shot was from the day of my younger brother's wedding. We were in the house behind the wedding hall, the groomsman taking pictures and enjoying some snacks. I captured this quiet moment with my brother on a Nokia Lumia 920 and later tweaked it for monochrome.

Photography: Fishing Blues

Here's a picture I took while on vacation in Florida in 2009. Took it with my Canon PowerShot G10, and processed it in Paint.Net. I was trying to frame the guy between both trees; at the time I was heavily into photo competitions on Flickr and that was one of the categories that would come... Continue Reading →

Photography: Dad

I will be spending the weekend away, so no Vox Bomb this week. Instead, I'm posting my favorite photograph I've taken of my dad, a couple of years back while visiting them in Florida. It was taken on my Canon PowerShot G10, and while I can see the flaws in it (from my technique, nothing... Continue Reading →

Photography Blues

A couple of years ago, I developed a new hobby that I was pretty passionate about: photography. I worked my way through a few cameras, until I settled on the Canon PowerShot G10 (which I still have and love). ┬áIt gave me enough compactness to bring with me everywhere but enough power to take some... Continue Reading →

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