Monster Hunter Rise demo impressions

The Monster Hunter franchise has taken a circuitous route to becoming one of the biggest jewels in Capcom's gaming crown. Sure, if you had asked any number of Japanese - and to a smaller degree, American and European - PlayStation Portable owners 10 years ago what their must-have PSP game was, chances were good that... Continue Reading →

Backlog Review: Firewatch

Firewatch was a game that I knew by reputation, but had been hesistant to play given the "walking simulator" genre that it occupies. As with roguelikes, I've come to be a little leery of games that come highly recommended on sites such as Reddit, only to wind up being disappointed because, well, I just didn't... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

I'm no stranger to From Software's dark fantasy offerings. One of the first games I ever picked up for the original PlayStation in the mid-90's was King's Field, which was the (great?)-grandfather of Dark Souls. I remember being both enthralled by the first-person gameplay and brooding aesthetic as well as frustrated by the difficulty. This... Continue Reading →

Podcast: The Matrix Online Revisited

Years ago, I was a player in the now-defunct MMO The Matrix Online (MxO for short), which was a continuation of the trilogy with some unique takes (for the time) on the genre and cinematic storytelling approach. It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of the game and franchise. I have a lot of... Continue Reading →

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