[Photography] Vintage Hawkeye Brownie

This is a photo I published to Instagram a month ago. We had stopped by a second-hand shop that we randomly found and I took the opportunity to capture some photos. This was probably my favorite. I took this on an iPhone 6 Plus and edited with the built-in photos app (including the filter).

[Photography] Biscuit, as a Puppy

We have had our dog Biscuit (a Shih Tzu / Chihuahua mix) for over 5 years now. I captured this picture shortly after we got him, all tiny and curled up in blankets. I used a Canon PowerShot G10 and via post-processing made it monochrome with tweaks.    

Photography: My Brother’s Wedding

This shot was from the day of my younger brother's wedding. We were in the house behind the wedding hall, the groomsman taking pictures and enjoying some snacks. I captured this quiet moment with my brother on a Nokia Lumia 920 and later tweaked it for monochrome.

Photography: Love Park

Another Philadelphia day trip shot. Taken in Love Park several years ago, with my family in front of the fountain. Taken with my old Canon PowerShot G10 and slightly tweaked after the fact.

Photography: Space Shuttle Discovery

This panorama was captured on a trip to the Air and Space Museum near Washington, DC a couple of years ago. I love reading about space exploration and getting the opportunity to see a number of the pioneering space craft in person was an awe-inspiring experience. Captured on an iPhone 4S and tweaked in Pomelo.

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