Obscura Rhapsody Chapter 13.1

Previously on Obscura Rhapsody: In the aftermath of their gambit to take out information broker Roué, Khloe and Aedyn find themselves in Astora Sanatorium, with the past two months mostly missing from their memories. Trapped, with their powers subdued and medicated by the staff, the two slowly begin to claw back to lucidity…

Piece by Piece

Notes from the Void is a monthly piece (heh) where I go into some behind-the-scenes details of Obscura Rhapsody, talk about goats, go on tangents or perhaps all of the above. Warning: it may contain spoilers up through the latest chapter. There he is.

Obscura Rhapsody Chapter 12.4

“But that can’t be right,” Maeza muttered, looking through the paperwork before her.  Veru, who was seated opposite her at the desk, glanced up from her own paperwork. “Hmm?” was all Veru offered.  Maeza shook her head. “Just going through a few records here.”  “Is it regarding Tungsten last night?”  Maeza raised an eyebrow. “No.…


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