Obscura Rhapsody No. 10 Now Available

The latest episode in my free ongoing (semi)-monthly serial Obscura Rhapsody is now available. You can read it below, and you can also download the latest installment as a PDF document here. Catch up on prior installments and read about the series on the Obscura Rhapsody page. The Story Thus Far: Khloe is running out... Continue Reading →

Obscura Rhapsody chapter 6.3

Belmont tired of seeing death up close.  He looked over at Orden, down on his haunches as he surveyed the body. The constable was a man in his late 50’s, red hair peppered with white. He was of stout stature, his best years clearly behind him. But despite appearances, Belmont had no doubt the constable... Continue Reading →

Obscura Rhapsody chapter 6.1

Khloe mused if this was what is was like to really have friends.   She sat at a round table in the corner of the tavern- The Risky Reaver, she thought it was called?- and glanced around the table at her companions. There was Aedyn, whom she had known the longest, indulging in a pint and deep into... Continue Reading →

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